We believe that computers are for everyone.  Including you. 


Welcome to Alphabet Soup Computer Services

We specialize in personalized computer training,
troubleshooting, repair and consulting.

You don’t need a Geek, a Nerd, or some other bozo spewing lingo at you.  What you want - and what you need - is someone who understands why and how you use your computer.  Someone who will patiently sit beside you, and show you how to do what you  want to do with your computer.

It’s personalized service that lets you feel comfortable,
not overwhelmed with indecipherable jargon.

Our one-on-one training will help you take command of your computer quickly and easily.
You will learn to feel confident about using your computer.  And, when it’s time to buy your next computer, we can even help you make sure that your
computer purchase or upgrades will be targeted directly to your needs & budget.

Our prices are realistic and affordable for most home-users and
small businesses.